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Planning a Class's Visit to the Speech Center

If your class will include an oral assignment and you feel your students could benefit from a visit to the Speech Center to prepare, you will likely want to do the following:

  • Fill out the plan to assign form so that the Speech Center can anticipate your class’s visit.
  • Make sure the syllabus lists this as a required (rather than recommended) visit.
  • Reservations should be made by students at least three weeks in advance of the practice session. Many students are reserving practice times six-eight weeks in advance, in order to secure the times most convenient for their schedules.
  • A practice session should precede the classroom presentation by a week or more. It helps class members to be reminded that the date of the Speech Center appointment will be noted as a sign of responsible preparation in advance for the oral assignment in class.
  • Students should always allow time for a second visit if they determine a need or desire for such. Appointments need to be reserved at least two days in advance. 
  • If the assigned visit is part of an assessment for participation, speaking preparation, or practice in leading discussion, that should be noted in the syllabus or in the specific assignment.  Faculty support is critical to the value of practice to excellence in speaking. Incentives for visiting the Speech Center or penalties for neglecting a visit might be considered.

Several faculty members have elected to schedule a class session at the Speech Center and to accompany students to the site, where the director and/or student consultants can introduce the class to staff and procedures used to assist students with individual and group presentations, panels, poster sessions, and class discussions. We encourage faculty to join their class for this visit; we find it often leads to a more productive discussion.

Speech Center staff members will also facilitate workshops each semester on a number of topics pertaining to effective public expression. These can be held at times that will not conflict with class schedules, in locations designed to accommodate several classes at a time.