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How do I make an appointment?

Go to the heading titled "Appointments" and click "Reserve your Speech Center appointment online." You'll be directed to WCONLINE, where you can make an account and schedule your appointment.

What information do I need to make an appointment?

Please be prepared with the name and department of your professor, your assignment, speaking location, and what you want to work on during your session.

Can I practice interviews at the Speech Center?

Absolutely! Specify this when you make your appointment.

Can I come for an additional practice appointment?

Yes! You can make as many additional appointments as you would like. Ask your consultants if they think you require an additional appointment.

Where is my appointment?

Appointments are held in the Speech Center, located on the fourth floor of Weinstein Hall. Your consultant(s) will be there a few minutes before your appointment to greet you and show you which room your appointment will be held in.

When should I make my appointment?

As soon as possible, but we request that you do so no later than 48 hours in advance. The Speech Center gets busy, especially during midterms and finals, so it's best to make an appointment as soon as you receive your assignment.

How do I cancel an appointment?

Go to WCONLINE and select your time slot and click "Cancel" on the bottom of your appointment form. Your consultant(s) will receive notice of your cancellation.

How late can I cancel an appointment?

Please cancel your appointment as soon as you are able to — ideally, no later than 24 hours in advance.

How long will my appointment last?

It depends. Appointments are scheduled for the full hour, but they may only last 45-50 minutes depending on the client's needs and level of preparation.

Does my professor know if I make an appointment?

Yes, your professor will receive notice of your appointment and a report form from your consultant(s) detailing how it went.

What if my speech isn't ready yet?

That's okay — show up with what you have. If you want to brainstorm ideas for your speech rather than practice delivery, specify this when you make your appointment.

Why do I have two speech consultants?

When you make your appointment, you may select an appointment time with either one or two consultants. Working with two consultants ensures that you get multiple perspectives and the highest quality of feedback.

Will I be recorded?

Yes, all clients are recorded regardless of appointment type. This allows your consultants to evaluate your delivery and speaking style and gives you an opportunity to become more comfortable with public speaking.