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Prepare for your Appointment

If you have been assigned a Speech Center visit in advance of an oral assignment:

  • Review the instructions given by your professor carefully. Seek clarification for any guideline about which you are uncertain. Bring a copy of the assignment to your practice session at the Speech Center.
  • Your practice session at the Speech Center should occur one-two weeks before the class presentation or group discussion. This will give you time to revise, make needed changes and to practice several days in advance.
  • Reserve your practice time at least three weeks ahead of the appointment time desired. This will allow you the opportunity to make an additional appointment if needed. You will receive an email confirming your appointment time and date shortly after reserving a time slot on the Speech Center Appointment Calendar.
  • Bring notes, outline, any research materials, and multimedia included in your presentation. Plan to rehearse with what you will be using in the actual presentation.
  • Recording clients who come to the Speech Center is part of the speech appraisal process. Your professor may ask to see the recording of your scheduled practice. Therefore, consider your personal appearance for the practice session.
  • Your consultant(s) will send promptly a feedback form summarizing the practice session, with suggestions as to any changes that would enhance your presentation. Clients are welcome to follow up with the consultant(s) and to schedule an additional practice if desired and if time permits.