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The University of Richmond Speech Consultants are hired based on a rigorous application and interview process. First, second and third-year students who have successfully completed Public Speaking (RHCS 100), Rhetorical Theory (RHCS 103) or Interpreting Rhetorical Texts (RHCS 104), are eligible. Successful completion of Interpersonal Communication (RHCS 102) is highly recommended. Upon selection, prospective consultants enroll in the practicum Theory and Pedagogy (RHCS 333). Training includes a survey of the history of the discipline of rhetoric, approaches to teaching communication, studies of effective peer consulting, and practical experience in shadowing scheduled consultations to observe current staff members as they work. One of the goals of the Speech Center is to offer assistance of the highest quality to student clients provided by well-trained student colleagues who may also be classmates and acquaintances.

Students who serve as speech consultants need not major or minor in rhetoric and communication studies.  They frequently enroll in rhetoric and communication classes to gain greater knowledge and expertise as consultants. The diverse range of majors and backgrounds of our consultants ensure that clients will find valuable assistance with their presentations, regardless of the academic disciplines assigning a practice session at the Speech Center.