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Consultant Awards

Each year the Speech Center honors exceptional student consultants.

Lexicon Award

This honor is a memorial tribute to Larry Witkos. Larry was a member of the first team of consultants and holder of the highest GPA in his class when diagnosed with leukemia in the spring of his junior year.  Larry died just two weeks prior to what would have been his graduation, on April 29, 1998. The Lexicon Award was proposed by Larry’s roommates who declared that the recipient demonstrate an exceptional appreciation for articulate public expression and devotion to the mission of the Speech Center: to pursue speaking and listening to good effect. A copy of the dictionary Larry Witkos compiled, The Lexicon, is presented to the recipient. 

Lexicon Award 2019 - Ashlee Taylor Korlach

Brittany Robertson Service Award

Brittany Robertson’s dedication of time to the Speech Center was unmatched in the Center’s first fifteen years. The service award is bestowed annually upon a graduating consultant whose hours of dedication and quality of work are likewise remarkable.


Brittany Robertson Award 2019 – Devika Jhunjhunwala and Sabrina Escobar Miranda

Cato’s Monument Award

This award recognizes the Speech Center’s unsung heroes. Named for Cicero’s friend and colleague who claimed “I would much rather have men ask why I have no statue than why I have one,” this award recognizes a consultant who always goes beyond what is expected, who never fails to respond to the unanticipated need.  The recipient deserves recognition but never expects it.


Cato's Monument Award 2019 - Robert Beers

Lexicon Award Honorees

Matt Isenburg - 2018
Nick Howe - 2017
Sugandh Kishangopal Gupta - 2016
Nicholas Chase Brightwell - 2015
Erich William Gertz - 2014
David Carlton Burchard - 2013
Cameron Lee - 2012
Samantha Renee Quig – 2011
Amy Leigh Szerlong – 2010
Dustin Jay Dean – 2009
Caroline O. DeHaan – 2008
Ryan C. Locke – 2007
Andrew K. Ryan, IV – 2006
Ashley L. Alexander – 2005
Meagan Lane McCoy – 2004
Alison Drew Stuart – 2003
James C. MacCurtain – 2002
Matthew David Schwab – 2001
Heidi M. Frederick – 2000
Theresa M. Higgs – 1999

Brittany Robertson Award Recipients

Megan Barsella and Kayla Truong - 2018
Dalila Softic - 2017
Layne Stewart Turci - 2016
Meagan L. Benner and Molly J. Silvia - 2015
Molly Elizabeth Cramer, Shaye Nicole Ellis, Laura T. Cooper, and Lexi Kate Doolittle - 2014
Christine Marie Parker - 2013
Shane McNamara and Cathryn Winchester - 2012
Christine R. Schwartz – 2011
Brian Bundy Agnis - 2010
Adrian Lynn Bitton – Summer 2009
Anna Katharine Weichel - 2009
Alexandra Christine Young – 2009
Ashley M. Nerz – 2008
Brittany N. Robertson – 2007

Cato's Monument Award Recipients

Claire Lecornu and Kyle Anderson - 2018
Cory Labov - 2017
David P. Ricculli - 2016
Lillian A. Christiansen and Margaret E. Frane - 2015
Brian Matthew Guay and Rose Schafer Wynn - 2014
Mary Caroline Moles and Sarah Merchant Muse - 2013
Alex Kelso - 2012
Benjamin Ronald Sommerfeld – 2011
Elizabeth Delaney Moore – 2011
Emily Frances Bender – 2010